Our different services for your air shipments

Our Shipping services are at your disposal according to your expectations:

Preparing your expedition well is ensuring its success

Before entrusting us with your shipment, check that your package is well packaged, that the transport voucher is fully filled in and that you have attached all the documents necessary for international or dangerous goods shipments. We remind you that all of these elements are the responsibility of the sender.

Whatever the destination of your shipment and the delivery service used (import or export), we remind you of the need to properly inform the nature of the goods shipped on the transport documents.

Descriptions such as “samples” or even the use of technical references are not explicit enough and can lead to delays or even blockages by the security officers in charge of securing the freight.

Importance of safety:

IBL Logistics attaches great importance to the safety of your shipments and reserves the right to inspect and control the packages that circulate through its network.

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Advisors to find out how we can assist you on a daily basis, by helping you to prepare your shipments very easily on our network.

To schedule a pickup, please contact your nearest office.