We are pleased to present the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of our company in the logistics and transportation sector in Madagascar, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development and a positive impact on our community.

🌳🌿IBL TOGETHER: United for Nature 🌿🌳 

We were delighted to reunite with teams from all the companies of the IBL Group in Madagascar during our initiative to plant 1000 trees at the Angavokely forest station on Saturday, February 17th.

This occasion was much more than a simple act of planting. It was an opportunity to raise further awareness:

✅ About the urgency of climate change,

✅ About the imperative to protect the environment and support local communities,

✅ About the crucial role of businesses and each individual in these efforts, not only for a greener Madagascar but also for more sustainable actions.

Moreover, this day strengthened the bonds between our teams around a cause that unites us all. 💚

A big thank you to the entire team of CNFTF at the Angavokely forest station and the Association Graine de vie Madagascar for their unwavering support.

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“Lakozia Mitety Sekoly – Special Edition”

It was a pleasure to support the ‘Lakozia Mitety Sekoly’ project, a special edition in terms of logistics, as part of our CSR commitments!

With the participation of the three member institutions of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, including:

Pinocchio Private School,

Le Petit Poucet Private School

Education for Madagascar

the objectives were to preserve and promote the knowledge related to Malagasy culinary art, encourage and attract young people to discover the richness of Malagasy heritage through culinary activities, and highlight the role and mission of the UNESCO Network.

The event took place at the Andohalo Garden and was organized by Chef Henintsoa Moretti of HAKA FY Authentic Restaurant in collaboration with ComNat UNESCO, on the occasion of the visit of journalists responsible for the Echappées Belles program in Madagascar.

Lakozia Mitety Sekoly – 1st edition

As part of the protection and promotion of intangible heritage,

IBL Logistics – Madcourrier

is the logistics partner for the “Lakozia Mitety Sekoly” project created by Chef Henintsoa Moretti, a recreational event that took place last Friday in the Andohalo Garden. Through a culinary competition, the objectives of this project are:

To preserve and promote knowledge related to Malagasy culinary art,

To encourage and attract young people to discover the richness of Malagasy heritage through a culinary activity called “Tsikonina,”

To highlight the role and mission of the UNESCO network.

Congratulations to “Au Petit Poucet” Ampatsakana and “Pinocchio” Besarety schools for participating and winning the competition!

You can find more about our CSR activities by visiting our website: www.ibllogistics-madagascar.com”

Honey & Green

Did you know?

According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, the value of ecological and economic services provided by bees amounts to $577 billion. Furthermore, one-third of global food production directly depends on their pollination activity, with bees being among the most efficient pollinators (FAO).

As a responsible corporate actor, IBL Logistics is the logistics partner for the ‘Honey and Green’ project initiated by Inscae. This impactful project not only benefits the environment but also the lives of the local community. We were responsible for the removal of beehives in Ambohimanarina and their delivery to the ‘Les Enfants du Soleil Itaosy’ center, the main beneficiary of the project.

This project enables young students to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Beekeeping training will be provided to members of Les Enfants du Soleil so that they can acquire the necessary skills in beekeeping to exploit its products, ultimately leading to financial independence for the center.

Learn more about our CSR activities by visiting our website:


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Pack Douceur – Covid-19

The Private Sector Humanitarian Platform (PHSP), of which IBL Logistics is a part, conducted a donation handover event on Friday, August 13, 2021, for the contributions collected during the ‘Pack Douceur’ (Sweetness Pack) initiative it organized.

The event took place at the National Bureau for Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) and was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Health.

The donations are intended for healthcare personnel as a tribute to them, to convey a message of support and solidarity, and most importantly, to thank them for their actions and courage as they have been at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19.