What does our air consolidation service consist of?

We work with many licensed international agents offering consolidation services. Our priority is to ensure the transport of isolated goods to any airport.

Our job as an air freight consolidator is therefore to bring together, as for a conventional consolidation, at a given point, the shipments of several exporters with the aim of transmitting them to the air carrier “the consolidator” who will forward them to their destination. The latter will then take charge of the unbundling of these goods in order to redistribute them.

Your advantages on Air Groupage shipments

The advantage of air groupage is that you benefit from a low transport price given the economies of scale that the carrier achieves for sending the goods, for example in a full air container rather than in a partially filled container. . In fact, when the price of transport is broken down on each product transported, significant savings are made.

The first and no less major drawback of air consolidation is the waiting time required to fill the container if we are in the context of container transport. The second disadvantage of this type of transport is to transport its goods with other goods whose properties we do not know.